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STL Controls provides customized electronics micro-controller packages to handle the raw signal coming from industrial sensors such as pressure transmitter, thermocouple, flowmeter, speed sensor, air pressure sensor, hall switches, etc.. Types of Micro-Controller: 1. Arduino Uno 2. Arduino Nano 3. ESP-01 (WIFI) 4. ESP-8266 (WIFI) 5. ESP-32 (WIFI) Types of Display: 1. LCD - 2 Rows x 16 Characters 2. LCD - 4 Rows x 20 Characters 3. OLED 4. Android APPS Training on Programming of Arduino Micro-controller includes: 1. Digital Input / Digital Output 2. Analog Input (4 - 20mA sensor) 3. Analog Output (PWM - speed control of DC motor) 4. Switching ON AC/DC load with 5Vdc Digital Output (Relay or SSR) 5. Display data on I2C LCD and OLED 6. Using DTS1307 or DS3231 Real Time Clock (RTC) 7. Using Ultra-sonic Ranger Finder Module 8. Using HC-06 bluetooth unit with Android APPS 9. Using the Interrupt Service Routine (ISR) function 10. Obtaining raw data from environmental sensor with SDI-12 output Note: Training will be conducted at customer's premise.
Portable Tank Gauging (Pneumatic Pump)
Nano with 16x2 I2C LCD
Battery Voltage Tester (LCD) (No internal battery needed)
Nano with 128 x 64 OLED
Battery Voltage Tester (OLED) (No internal battery needed)
Ozone Level Tester (OLED)
Bluetooth Controller Mobile App
Module for sending SMS & Email
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