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STL Controls supplies Soletec brand of quality safety shoes. Soletec range of safety shoes is 100% made in Taiwan. Make Soletec your #1 choice of Safety Shoes. Classes of Soletec Safety Shoes 1. C-Class: Cheerful class of safety shoes with low cost. Models in this class include C1059, C1065, C1066, C1069, C1365, C136505, C175525. Unit Price: S$42.00 2. E-Class: Economical class of safety shoes that will provide you with many years of service. Models in this class include E9805, E9806, E1015, EE1016. Unit Price: S$48.00 3. F-Class: Flat class of safety shoes is designed for working in slippery
surfaces. Models in this class include CF1079, CF1089, CF1099, SF1625, SF1626. Unit Price: S$42.00 4. S-Class: Super class of safety shoes are made using the best material to give ultimate safety, quality and comfort. Models in this class include S131, S172535, S108507, S173535. Unit Price: S$51.00 Determine the size of Soletec Safety Shoes to Order a. Measure the length (in centimetres, cm) of your feet from the heel to the longest part of your toes. b. Refer to Soletec-Shoes-Size-Chart and select a shoe size that is 1 size larger than your measured length to cater for the thickness of your sock. Example: If measured length is 27cm, choose 28 cm size shoes. Steps to order Soletec Safety Shoes Step 1: Email to us the model of the safety shoes and the shoes size that you are interested in. Step 2: We will inform you on the availabilty. Step 3: Then you make payment by PayNow to STL Controls using UEN: 53225840A Step 4: Upon receipt of payment, we will arrange the delivery to your local
address in Singapore. Remarks: You may also contact us at Mobile: +65 98073752 for enquiries.

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