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STL Controls provides customized electronics micro-controller packages to handle the raw signal coming from industrial sensors such as pressure transmitter, thermocouple, flowmeter, speed sensor, air pressure sensor, hall switches, etc.. Types of Micro-Controller: 1. Arduino Uno 2. Arduino Nano 3. ESP-01 (WIFI) 4. ESP-8266 (WIFI) 5. ESP-32 (WIFI) Types of Display: 1. LCD - 2 Rows x 16 Characters 2. LCD - 4 Rows x 20 Characters 3. OLED 4. Android APPS Training on Programming of Arduino Micro-controller includes: 1. Digital Input / Digital Output 2. Analog Input (4 - 20mA sensor) 3. Analog Output (PWM - speed control of DC motor) 4. Switching ON AC/DC load with 5Vdc Digital Output (Relay or SSR) 5. Display data on I2C LCD and OLED 6. Using DTS1307 or DS3231 Real Time Clock (RTC) 7. Using Ultra-sonic Ranger Finder Module 8. Using HC-06 bluetooth unit with Android APPS 9. Using the Interrupt Service Routine (ISR) function 10. Obtaining raw data from environmental sensor with SDI-12 output Note: Training will be conducted at customer's premise.
Portable Tank Gauging (Pneumatic Pump)
Battery Voltage Tester (LCD) (No internal battery needed)
Battery Voltage Tester (OLED) (No internal battery needed)
Ozone Level Tester (OLED)
Module for sending SMS & Email
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